Medicine per Window Tinting Pro….?

May be a bit of a surprise here but Jeff, owner of Window Tinting Las Vegas Pro Shop, has a bit of insight into the world of medicine. His experiences with non-traditional eastern medicine have been nothing short of miraculous.

His phenomenon started back in 1995 when out of the blue he was stricken with a severely advanced form of bone cancer. While working on a tinting project as one of his neighbors rental homes he began to have pain that brought him to his kneechinese-medss. He couldn’t finish the project and had to call for help. The ambulance showed up and hauled him over to the local hospital here in Las Vegas.

After all the routine medical evaluations one has to go through after an episode of this magnitude the doctors came in and broke the horrible news to Jeff at the height of his window tinting business’s success. Timing could not have been worse. Father of 3 and married for 20+ years, Jeff was devastated as most would be. He was given a few options for chemo and other radically dangerous treatments but refused to go through the traditional channels of treatment. Instead he chose to adopt a new and uncharted method of healing through ancient Chinese rituals and herbal tinctures.

The regime included high levels of meditation and focused positive thinking as well as numerous different herbal teas and supplements. His diet was radically changed to whole foods and raw un processed meals. Times where getting worse for Jeff but he decided it was this or time t meet his maker. Well it turns out that his maker was not quite ready for his arrival.

After the news of his impending death in approximately 6 months Jeff’s strength and devotion to eastern medicine had proven to be highly effective and had bought him nearly 3 extra months on top of what the doctors had told him he had left to live. At the 9 month mark he was feeling great and went in to get yet another evaluation. To everyone’s surprise he was showing signs of remission and the cancer in his bones was slowly being devastated. Needless to say the doctors were very surprised and could not believe what was happening. Of course they wrote it off as some strange happening when the real healing came from intense meditation and obtaining levels of harmony within the body that completely changed Jeff’s life.

To this day Jeff is still tinting windows in the Vegas Valley and has been doing so since that 9 month miracle.

Here is his business today and according him times have never been better!

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Medicine On A Global Level

Global Medicine

In today’s global world there is so much more access to information about medicines and different alternatives. One really great place to start when healing is essential oils. Although essential oils aren’t new, the plethora of information surrounding them has grown exponentially in the past couple of years. There are actually many schools and programs available where you can get your master’s in herbology and practice medicine with them.

Essential oils can be used to treat many ailments such as:

  • Hormones
  • Digestion
  • Cold and flu symptoms
  • Insomnia
  • Muscle soreness
  • Headaches


Many of these herbs you see growing around you everyday. Our friend who owns garage door repair las vegas has turned me onto many places where great herbs grow. These herbs then go through a process to extract the oils from them. In fact, it may be something you would like to try yourself in these easy steps. (HInt- pure oil is what extracts the oil from the plant)

  1. Using a glass or ceramic container (not metal or plastic) fill with pure oil. It can be safflower or olive oil. Make sure the flowers or leaves are covered.
  2. Let rest for 1-2 days.
  3. Using a cheesecloth or tight sieve, drain the oil while pressing the plant to release more oil.
  4. Add more botanicals to this oil mixture to extract even more oil from them.
  5. Continue to repeat this process around 8 times to get desired strength and then store in a cool dark place in a tightly sealed container.

These oils can then be added to lotions, soaps, candles or used in an oil diffuser.

If you are purchasing oils be sure that you are getting a quality oil and not one that has been diluted too much.

Oils can be used on their own or combined for therapeutic uses. Here are some of the oils and what they can be most effectively used for:

  • Eucalyptus – cooling properties. Supportive of the immune system, helps with inflammation, and wonderful decongestant
  • Lavender – helps with insomnia, migraines, detox, and a great destresser
  • Peppermint – helps boost energy and has cooling properties. Also great for stomach upset
  • Rosemary – targets the nervous system and memory. Great for enhance focus and strength

These are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the uses of these amazing earth bounties. Native Americans and other cultures have been using them for centuries and the reason they are gaining such popularity today is for one reason. They work! If you have never taken the time to try them you are missing out.


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East vs West

Eastern Medicine


If you live in the United States and some mentions medicine, pills or doctors is probably the first thing that comes to mind. If you live in China, you probably think of alternative medicine, or I guess what westerners call alternative. In Western medicine they generally view a patient as a person with a specific problem. In Chinese medicine they tend to treat the body as a whole while also connecting it on mind-spirit level. They tend to pinpoint a psychological trigger or what the cause of the illness is and treat that rather than just treating the illness. My good friend Jason swears by eastern medicine since it provides him with the good health he needs to run his window tinting las vegas company.


Some great methods of alternative medicine I have personally used are:

  • Acupuncture – with the use of needles in acupuncture points the body is encouraged to promote natural healing and improve circulation. The needles release blocks in chi or energy. It was the only thing that help a sore shoulder to heal on my body. It is often done coupled with massage therapy.
  • Herbal Therapy –  natural herbs and oil are used and or combined with one another to treat the body. Some of these medicines can be very powerful and should be prescribed by a trained practitioner. They are usually more effective with less side effects that pharmaceutical drugs.  
  • Qigong – this practice is often referred to as life-force energy. The word actually means air or breath. It is can be looked as “moving meditation”. Meditation has been around for eons and helps bring the mind together in order to heal the body from an energy standpoint. There are actually 3 different types of Qigong. Medical, martial, and spiritual for each different area you are looking for growth.
  • Massage and Acupressure – these two forms of therapy are becoming more popular in the western world of healing. There is the feel good type of massage that is relaxing and great, but there is deep tissue work that is painful yet very effective. This doesn’t alway feel great but it loosens your muscles very effectively to help your body return to it’s natural alignment. Speaking of alignment, chiropractors often combine massage with their practice of adjusting your joints. Releasing the tight muscle that is pulling the joint out of place causing pain helps with long term healing.

I am not promoting or demoting either form of medicine. I see value in both ways and in fact, use both personally depending on the results or effectiveness I am looking for. It is one hundred percent a personal choice and belief on what path you choose. I just ask that you explore and have an open mind, since both medicinal practices can add value to your health.

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2016 Breakthroughs

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